Mina Cho

About Me

About me

Imagine your space in your Drawing

I was born in South Korea in 2000 and I am from Seoul. I have loved many drawings and architecture since I was young. Now, for a new experience, I entered Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2019 and am studying spatial design professionally.

Whenever I design a space, I always draw. Because drawing makes me creative and challenging. I can easily create light and furniture in the drawing. With just one pencil, I can live in my own space all day long.



After graduating from high school in South Korea in February 2019, I enrolled at Willem de Kuning Academy in September of the same year.  Currently I have become a second year student of 2021.


The Vision

Look at social issues critically and design

Strong and simple thinking makes the purpose of my design very clear. You should always think of ‘why’ in what you do.

I am always inspired by my surroundings. So, I like to go out and experience in person, and these days I like to see other people’s lives and thoughts through SNS. However, I always see them in a critical perspective and interpret them in my own language. After that, that is my strong ‘whys’ and my work finally.