major 1.1


sep-oct 2019

 Design and build a life size spatially enveloping “capsule” in which you can sleep. 

This was my first project after entering Willem de Kooning. The theme is to make one capsule that I can really sleep (1:1). And I should making the capsule with only cardboards.

At first I was a little confused why the project name was Capsule. Is it just to make a space where I can sleep? Because the only capsules I know are pill capsules.

After the new semester started, I learned about basic spatial types. I made three works each week that corresponded to the type of space I learned that week, and received feedback from professors and classmates. The contents of the class were Space/light, Object, Order/disorder, Composition, Construction, and Surface.

As I sincerely do the making task, I became interested in the “continuous shape”.

Continuous shape refers to a shape of a lump as if space connects as one. It is round rather than angular, so it can give a gentle and soft feeling. For example, a building in Korea is the DDP of Dongdaemun.

I actually modeled a small continuous before starting 1:1. The box was cut thin and long and started to be stacked step by step with a glue gun from the bottom. This one was the most attached to the assignments I made in the design class, and if I actually sleep, I wish I could sleep in this space.

However, making 1:1 was very challenging. If the boxes are stacked vertically as walls, the walls will collapse without force, and in order to erect the ceiling, a pillar had to be built in the middle. If so, can I be comfortable enough to sleep in the space with the pillar in the middle? The answer was no. I thought of how to make it different.

Two weeks before finishing the project, I consulted with tutors about my capsules and asked for advice on how to actually make them. The area size allocated to me was approximately The key was how to make good use of this space and how to make it a continuous form.

I made a choice. I decided to make an oval-shaped structure that can be filled within 1mx2m by simply changing the model I made. First of all, I made a slightly larger floor than my height, and put small cylinders under the bottom to support my weight. Then, I gradually began to stack the cut pieces by attaching them with a glue gun. Beautiful plaid walls began to appear and eventually I completed a comfortable capsule. Thanks to the grid wall, my capsule is very strong, and when the light goes into my capsule, a beautiful gradation is formed.


sketch modeling

Learning the basics of constructing a space while making sketch modeling :

Space and light, Object, Order, Construction and Surface.

space helmet

My capsule is a place to rest. When creating a space with a box, I constantly thought about how to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere for the space. Curves from different angles allow varying degrees of shadow and light to enter the space. Sunlight creates a warm atmosphere. In the contrast of light and shadow I found an interesting atmosphere.

I might dance like a baby bird in a nest if I get a little ray of sunlight without any worries and protection in my gentle curves.

Inspiration by form

 Continuous form

Layering floor plan



The making period : 7 days