marconi apartment

major 1.2


Nov-Dec 2019

This project is a spatial design for an apartment in an existing building, and for a specific resident (a fan of the selected architect). I did this based on the work of a ‘famous’ architect. I selected by lottery. And I presented the reference projects and the work of the architect to fellow students. In order to realize the design, I researched the relationships between spaces, functions, and routing: how do you move through an apartment? How would the selected architect approach this design? You will be visually representing and presenting your spatial design using digital and analog media.

I and classmates were focus on the professional practice by learning from the ‘master’: learning to realize a design for an ‘other’, based on the work of a famous architect (‘imitating’). In doing so, I practiced on increasing their understanding of the approach of fully-fledged professionals in the professional field, as well as of their own motives, approach, and vision. They will also learn to respond to the wishes and demands of a (fictitious) client and to realize a design within an existing structure – an existing building.

random architect


Mecanoo, founded in Delft in 1984, is an architectural group representing postmodernism in the Netherlands. The company consists of a variety of experts, including architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, architectural engineers, and support staff.

In order to pursue “architecture that appeals to all senses,” this company aim for architecture that considers areas such as nature, sustainable architecture, land value, urban planning, cooperation, composition of empty spaces, analysis and intuition. Francine Huben, Dick van Gameren, Frisovander Steen, and Peter Haasbroek lead Mecanoo.



sketch modeling


Projects from Mecanoo are very diverse; Intuitive space composition, solid & void combination, symmetrical space composition, use of different colors, materials, and textures. Can you imagine a library with huge geometric forms of concrete in the middle of a building?

I wanted to imitate a simple, functional, rational and clear design. An emptiness exists even in a space of complex geometric shape, and I tried again and again by making maquettes  and drawing roughly to answer myself what is the Mecanoo’s design looks like.


Francine Houben said,

“Architecture must appeal to all senses. Architecture is just a purely intellectual, conceptual or visual game. The architecture combines all the individual elements into one concept. After all, what matters is the arrangement of forms and emotions.”

I wanted to create a living room where you can spend a lot of time with friends and/or family on the lawn from my persona’s personality, hobbies and strange life style. Various materials such as metal, concrete, bamboo, and wood were used with the geometrical spatial composition. I also painted vivid blue color, which is Mecanu’s signature color.

color & Material study by drawing


floor plan & section